Elbow room

Downside to living in a country with the 3rd largest population density

Give me some space please, (to exist),

Space for my feet and gangly limbs; I didn’t ask to be born with them,

though they do hold evolutionary purpose in this concrete jungle;

A silence to mar with evocations, expressions,

(sorry to bother you but could you cover your ears          while i scream,

it’s not bloody murder, just pillows and psychology);

A chance to hear me out,

tear at your preconceived (notions) (boxes) (lables) (lies)

we don’t all fit in cyan blue folders or spreadsheets

though we may agree-to-disagree,

stay open-minded and I will too;

Even outliers exist in this country, alongside in

Train carriages like metal entrapments, rattling on uneven tracks,

Shaking the eccentric out of you like fizzyness in a coke can,

if you don’t slip off the platform first.

just (pretend to) conform 

and breathe. 


Day 5 of

a-to-z challenge



Author: naomi

Student, likes learning about foreign cultures, shall not divulge anymore so my identity is not exposed!

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