No it’s not your fault, you’ve tried to tell me a hundred times already; now let me say a hundred times-

You can’t break me, I’m not as weak as I look.

And, like a promise, we can’t break, if we never were.
I’ll never know your family, I don’t want you to see mine

I’ll avoid your country like the plague, for a hundred years,

Thank god you are leaving, if only you could promise to forever circle around in your island and me in mine, 

So our worlds will never again collide?

No need, the world is seven billion large, and I want lose to you in the crowd (for once someone knows what they want)-

If we ever meet, you living in a dorm surrounded by thermal blankets and gazebos-

You’ll find me whistling on a sidewalk of blue-skied, foggy morning San Francisco,

Hanging on to the tune of another busker


Author: naomi

Student, likes learning about foreign cultures, shall not divulge anymore so my identity is not exposed!

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